Statistics on teen registered sex offenders

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19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry

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Raised on the Registry

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Five Facts About Juvenile Sex Offender Registration

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Higgins, J.

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Measuring inconsistency in meta-analyses. British Medical Journal, , - London, England : National Statistics. Police powers and procedures England and Wales to Second edition. London, England : Official Statistics. Women and the criminal justice system Cat. That ordinance has been altered following court challenges. Zoning restrictions, such as those largely enacted in more affluent communities, that prevent registered sex offenders from living near parks or schools, are one explanation. Landlords in more affluent neighborhoods are far more likely to conduct background checks on potential tenants, and to screen out sex offenders, Evans said.

Economic barriers also contribute. And that is a serious problem. Earlier this year, Gov. But the law included an exemption that allows landlords to consider any offense that required a prospective tenant to register as a sex offender.

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The impact on these cities, towns and neighborhoods where sex offenders do live in large numbers is hard to measure, but it is unlikely most residents have a live-and-let-live attitude. Two of the most common byproducts of sex offenders clustering in a neighborhood are lower property values and fear, Duwe said. A study published in the American Economic Review in backed that up.

The fear sex offenders generate is well-documented. In June , for example, members of a small New York state community learned that two sex offenders lived in their neighborhood. As of May, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website listed registered sex offenders in the ZIP code, which encompasses most of the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods.

But when the discussion turns to a disproportionate number of sex offenders already living in an area, those same groups often have nothing to say.

Raised on the Registry

Dozens of neighborhood groups, advocates for disadvantaged youth, elected officials and others in west Denver, the East Colfax neighborhood and elsewhere were contacted for this article. Former councilman Paul Lopez, whose district included Sun Valley, Lincoln Park and other west Denver neighborhoods with high numbers of sex offenders, declined to comment. He won the race.

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Others suggested alternate sources of information. But most simply did not respond at all to messages asking to discuss the issue. Denver has invested millions to purchase and refurbish properties and is working to attract private investment in those areas. In , for example, Denver announced plans to purchase a notorious East Colfax night club that featured nude dancing — which stood directly across from one of the hotels that houses a high number of sex offenders — and a nearby vacant lot.

Both are designated for redevelopment featuring a mix of housing and business. She suspects she may be more aware of the problem than most; she works in the office of an attorney whose clients include sex offenders. Many of her neighbors, she said, have many more immediate worries. The typical juvenile is a year-old Caucasian male who was arrested for sexual assault or indecency with a child. The majority of the victims are females with an average age of 8. Although only 13 are rearrested during the follow-up period for a sex offense, more than half of the sample is arrested at least once for a nonsexual offense.

The results of a Cox regression indicate that victim age, offender age, and victim sex are significant predictors of recidivism during adulthood.

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  6. Sex Offense Registration and Related Laws: Treating Youth Fairly.
  7. Sex Offense Registration and Related Laws: Treating Youth Fairly.