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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80 crime scene and forensic investigators were employed in Alabama in Ninety percent of crime scene investigators work for state and local governments.

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Thus, county and municipal police departments are sources of jobs for CSIs in Alabama. In some cases, local crime scene investigators are sworn police officers who have passed their academy training. In larger departments, specialized technicians are hired to carry out specific functions such as analyzing latent fingerprints.

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Here is a partial listing of departments in Alabama that have a specialized crime scene investigation unit:. The field of forensic sciences has a number of specialties, ranging from DNA analysis by lab technicians to crime scene investigation. According to the Alabama Department of Labor, employment for forensic scientists in the state is expected to grow by 1. Forensic scientists work throughout the state of Alabama.


A number of law enforcement agencies have crime labs that employ such professionals, and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has crime labs all over the state. This includes the following cities:.

The BLS provides salary data for forensic science technicians who worked in Alabama in The information for the state as a whole, and for Montgomery in particular, is listed below:. Crime scene investigator salaries vary greatly, depending on the type of position.

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While some CSIs are sworn officers with special training in forensics, others are civilians who fill positions such as criminalists or crime scene examiner. These forensic science technicians may specialize in areas such as latent fingerprint or blood pattern analysis. The BLS provides a detailed breakdown of forensic science technician salaries in Montgomery in by hourly and annual percentiles.

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This data is shown in the following table:. CSIs photograph, collect and process all physical evidence which is then taken to the Huntsville Forensic Laboratory for analysis. A clean criminal record is essential. Autopsies are usually performed by medical examiners that normally have degrees as medical doctors. Persons interested in a certain specialization would be wise to major in the most appropriate science. For example, a major in molecular biology is more relevant for a DNA specialist than chemistry. Open positions, along with specific qualifications, are posted on the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences website.

Twenty-three students graduated from this program in The Huntsville regional laboratory serves 22 counties. Services offered include:. More people means more crimes and a greater need for forensic scientists and crime scene investigators. Although the two professions are sometimes referred to interchangeably, there are some fairly significant differences. Forensic scientists often provide the link between physical evidence and a suspect that results in that person either being found guilty or exonerated.

Many forensic scientists specialize in a particular area like DNA analysis and they often testify as expert witnesses in courts of law. Some forensic scientists are college professors. They are responsible for the integrity of crime scenes. They take detailed photographs of the scene, identify, process and collect all types of material evidence, lift latent fingerprints, analyze blood spatter patterns, reconstruct crime scenes and cast impressions of tire and foot prints.

Unlike the CSIs on TV, they neither arrest and interrogate suspects nor get involved in high-speed car chases. According to the U. The Jefferson County evidence collection unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to collect, package, document and secure evidence at all kinds of crime scenes. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as the most advanced fingerprint kits and digital and video cameras. They deliver the evidence to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science which has a laboratory in Birmingham.

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This unit employs one senior and three certified latent fingerprint examiners who process, classify and document all fingerprint cards collected at Jefferson County jails. Aside from the toll a criminal charge takes on your personal life, the prospect of a criminal conviction promises very real and very serious legal repercussions. Because you face a threat to your personal freedom, you want to make sure that your legal defense is as good as it can possibly be.

A trained attorney can perform a thorough investigation to assemble all of the evidence needed to do so, and the earlier you obtain representation the better. The Alabama criminal justice system gives you the right to representation, and you should exercise that right by hiring a criminal attorney from Eversole Law. You will see our office on the right.

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In criminal defense cases, timing is everything. Get in touch with one of our criminal defense attorneys today.

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