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Upon an initial assessment of your vehicle, it may be determined that modifications are necessary in order to meet the requirements laid out by the CMVSS. As a prospective importer, it is your responsibility to cover these costs. The RIV has a web tool that outlines the most common types of vehicle modifications, broken down by vehicle class. Modifications need to be completed prior to an RIV inspection, and, in some cases, may have to be done by an authorized dealer.

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Prior to importing a vehicle to Canada, you will need to confirm recall clearance with the RIV. Essentially, this means that if the make and model of the vehicle you wish to import has been flagged for a recall in the past, you will need to confirm with the RIV that any issues have been addressed. To facilitate the process, it is recommended that you complete and submit one of the following forms of recall clearance documentation:. Once you have acquired the proper recall clearance documentation, you can submit it to the RIV via email, fax or by mail.

There are a few cases in which you would be exempt from import regulations. For example, you may not need to go through the RIV registration if:. The main reason many Canadians import vehicles from the United States is to save on price.

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Other fees regarding title history searches through third-party services and safe disposal of older vehicle parts may apply. After factoring in the above costs, only then can you make a true determination of whether or not importing a vehicle makes financial sense. Census and the U.

How to Import a Vehicle From the US to Canada

The RIV website includes a web tool you can use to determine the proper contact information by state, province and specific border entry point. For more information, visit the U. The CBSA is responsible for processing all vehicle imports. Once a vehicle has entered Canada, the onus is on the importer to complete the proper vehicle modifications if any and to complete an inspection at an authorized RIV inspection centre. After your payment and recall clearance documents have been received, the RIV will send you an inspection form.

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This form will contain information on what modifications must be made to the vehicle to pass an RIV inspection. It is your responsibility to complete any necessary modifications and the RIV inspection within 45 days or one year for salvage vehicles from the date of import. An RIV inspection must be completed at least 45 days from the date of import. At the time of inspection, any modification requirements identified by the RIV must be completed. Those that fail the RIV inspection process within the day time frame face potential fines as outlined in the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

After you have passed your inspection, your vehicle import form will be stamped and the RIV will send you a Canadian Statement of Compliance label to affix to your vehicle. For more information on vehicle inspections, click here. After you have passed an RIV inspection and your vehicle import form has been correctly stamped, you can finally license your vehicle. Licensing centres differ by province, and owners can find contact information by jurisdiction through the RIV. There are many steps to getting a U.

This tool provides a detailed report of what you will need to accomplish as part of the importation process. Plus, we'll send you a complimentary physical copy in the mail! Reset Answer a quick question to confirm form submission:. You will receive confirmation via email shortly. Vehicle Admissibility The first step to importing a vehicle from the United States is determining whether the vehicle you are purchasing will even be allowed into the country. The following are some of the major vehicle statuses that could be noted on a title: Canadian Brands U. Brands or Annotations found on U.

Specifically, an automobile that has never been declared a total loss. Salvage: This brand refers to a vehicle that has been written off or declared a total loss. Rebuilt: Refers to a vehicle that was previously written off or marked as salvage, but has since been repaired. These vehicles generally have to pass a structural integrity test before receiving this brand. Non-repairable: This refers to any vehicle that is beyond repair and cannot be rebuilt.

These vehicles can never be licensed in Canada. Modification and Inspection Requirements Upon an initial assessment of your vehicle, it may be determined that modifications are necessary in order to meet the requirements laid out by the CMVSS. RIV Exemptions There are a few cases in which you would be exempt from import regulations. For example, you may not need to go through the RIV registration if: The imported vehicle is 15 years or older based on its manufacture date. The vehicle is entering Canada temporarily. The vehicle is being used for work purposes. Gina Miller. Our view. Sign the petition.

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