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I was fortunate to find Henry's death certificate, naming these parents, on familysearch.

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While the certificate revealed that Henry Frederick died in and was interred at the East Akron Mausoleum, it did not mention a wife or children. Next, I searched for the death certificate of the wife named in census records, Ellen Frederick, and found that she was also interred in the East Akron Mausoleum!

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The case for Henry 1 was getting strong. A search for the death certificate of Henry 2, the Henry already in my family tree, was a bit more time consuming.

Henry 2 disappeared from census records after — which leads me to believe he died prior to the census. A search of the Ohio Death Records — database on familysearch. However, I did find a Henry Frederick on another familysearch. The death record for this Henry Frederick states he was born in right! While the record did not list a wife or children, it did identify the parents of this Henry as Daniel Frederick and Christine Strawer. This is clearly the wrong Henry but is this Henry 2? Did this Henry have a wife named Martha as listed in census records and my family tree? A search on findagrave.

There is even a picture of the gravestone — perfect proof! A quick search for other "Fredericks" buried in this cemetery finds Henry A.

Frederick, born and died , a perfect fit with the son of Henry 2 listed in census records, and in my family tree. I have found Henry 2, and he is definitely not the right Henry. So, why do you suppose someone put the wrong Henry in my family tree? Not knowing who did it, or when, I can't speculate.

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What this exercise does show is the importance of documenting your family tree, and of not taking the work of others for granted! In short, if it isn't documented, it isn't done. Finally, the fourth rule of genealogy, answering a question will lead to more questions! Why did my Henry Frederick name a son Ulysses S. Grant Frederick?

Did Henry serve in the Civil War? Or was he just a fan? Born in , Henry would have been 27 years old when the war began in As a third-party, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed on this website.

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